Levin-Epstein, P.C. Second Quarter 2021 Highlights

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Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends:

As we continue to emerge from these unprecedented, challenging times with the Coronavirus pandemic, we want to convey our prayers and good wishes for your health and well-being.

As the second quarter of 2021 ends, we have, thankfully, in Manhattan, put the worst of the Coronavirus pandemic behind us. With our office situated in the epicenter in Manhattan, right opposite Grand Central Terminal, we have seen first-hand the beginning of New Yok City’s resurgence. It is a much welcome sight and an uplifting experience.

With our street level vantage point in Midtown Manhattan, New York City’s rebound is gaining momentum every week. By way of anecdote, the lunch-time line for the Sweetgreen salad bar near our office now has a line that stretches out the door; whereas this time last year, the lunch time shift had no lines. Every day, we see more foot traffic in Grand Central Station, more yellow cabs in Midtown, and office occupancy is increasing. Life (and business) in Midtown is starting to get back to normal.

So, too, is the legal industry beginning to normalize. State courts in Manhattan have recalled employees, and the federal courts in Manhattan have eased Covid-19 protocols. While most hearings and conferences are still being held virtually, the days of not having to go to court appear limited.

Given the challenges over the second quarter, we are especially pleased to share with you some highlights for Levin-Epstein & Associates, P.C.

Our firm was credited in the New York Post article, “Hundreds of NYC Delis and Restaurants Hit with Lawsuits,” for our work representing a corporate defendant in a Fair Labor Standards Act case in federal court. Several other legal publications have also referenced the article.

The firm’s litigation achievements include:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act Litigation. The firm representing management defendants in a so-called “wheelchair ADA lawsuit” obtained sanctions against the plaintiff’s attorney.
  • Employee-Side Fair Labor Standards Act Cases. The firm favorably settled several FLSA actions on the employee-side in the Southern District of New York and the Eastern District of New York.
  • Management-Side Fair Labor Standards Act Case. The firm favorably settled several FLSA actions on the employer-side. Remarkably, in two cases, we were able to obtain dismissals without our management-side clients having to pay any settlement. This is a notable achievement.
  • Contract Litigation. The firm favorably settled several breach of contract actions.

The firm’s corporate achievements include:

  • Severance and Termination Negotiations. The firm assisted several executive clients with negotiating severance agreements and exit packages.
  • Commercial Lease Terminations. The firm assisted clients with invoking early termination rights under commercial leases.
  • PPP and Cares Act Legislation. The firm assisted clients with navigating the Congress’ legislative regulatory and stimulus efforts.
  • Pro Bono Work. The firm assisted several pro bono clients with reviewing lease provision, bankruptcy considerations, and PPP and Cares Act legislation.

We want to thank you for contributing to our continued success. You know us, you know our experience, and you know the quality of our work. We would be most grateful to be retained in these areas, among others:

  • litigation before trial or appellate courts or administrative bodies, especially matters involving real estate, partnership disputes, and creditors' rights;
  • litigation avoidance - the crucial effort to negotiate agreements to resolve disputes before they cross the threshold of the courthouse;
  • domestic and international arbitration and mediations;
    bankruptcy litigation and creditors' rights work, including avoidance actions, preference actions, discharge and discharge ability actions;
  • employment litigation in all aspects of employment law, including issues involving restrictive covenants and trade secrets, wage-and-hour issues, Fair Labor Standards Act issues, and breach of contract issues;
  • business divorce litigation, including contested stock valuations, derivative actions and other disputes between owners of closely held business corporations;
  • counseling and strategic planning that defy easy categorization, requiring a deep understanding of the pertinent legal issues and also of the business (and sometimes personal) considerations that must be taken into account to reach a favorable outcome; and
  • representing investors, restauranteurs, restaurant management companies, and chefs in New York City's hospitality sector.

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