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Judgment Enforcement

Skillfully navigating domestic and international laws, we employ a multi-step process to maximize the prospect of a financial recovery:

  • Issuing information subpoenas to individuals and entities that may have information regarding the debtor’s assets
  • Serving restraining notices on individuals and entities (such as banks) that have assets belonging to the debtor
  • Serving an income execution on the debtor’s employer
  • Deposing the debtor and other individuals and entities that have information regarding the debtor’s assets

Seeking enforcement of court judgments in various courts across the globe by uncovering assets either in the name of the debtor or against other parties who hold those assets that the debtor is attempting to camouflage

Where necessary, we also engage in post-judgment proceedings to uncover the debtor’s assets and/or information pertaining to such assets. We have developed strong working relationships with investigators whose experience is often critical to successful enforcement when debtors hide their assets.

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