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Judgment Enforcement: US and International

Time is money when seeking to collect a debt.

Finding and securing a debtor’s assets requires immediate and strategic action to ensure that you, as the creditor, can collect what is owed to you.

All too often, however, obtaining the judgment is just the first step in recovering your money as debtors may refuse to honor the court’s order.

Levin-Epstein & Associates, P.C is an experienced leader in navigating the complex procedural rules for enforcing judgments – rules that are oftentimes manipulated by debtors who seek to avoid paying their debt.

Our network of attorneys and investigators has successfully pursued debtors both in the US and overseas – including in cases where the judgment had been rendered by a foreign jurisdiction.

To ensure that your judgment is paid in full, Levin-Epstein & Associates, P.C. will:

  • Pursue contempt proceedings against debtors who willfully flout a valid legal order to pay monies owed to our clients;
  • Vigorously defend against specious claims of lack of jurisdiction, a tactic commonly used to thwart enforcement of a judgment rendered in a non-US jurisdiction;
  • Work with overseas legal partners to personally serve non-US domiciled debtors in a manner consistent with New York courts’ requirement that service be in accord with all applicable statutory notice provisions of the foreign jurisdiction;
  • Ensure that a judgment awarded by a foreign court meets New York courts’ requirement that the judgment is deemed by that the foreign jurisdiction to be final and conclusive and that no other legal remedies or appeals are still pending;
  • Seek liens and levies against the debtor’s real and personal property both domestically and overseas;
  • Obtain assignment orders to intercept dividends, royalties, commissions, rental income, and other such payments regardless of the where the payor is domiciled;
  • And, where permitted, garnish the wages of the debtor.

We will pursue recovery of all monies that are owed to you aggressively and responsibly so that you can focus on your business and your family.

Contact us today if you have been unsuccessful in collecting an outstanding debt.

Let us help you recover what is rightfully yours.

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